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Double Ribbed PVC Strip Curtain

Flexible Pvc For Strip Doors & Curtains

We are offering a wide range of PVC for Strip Doors & Curtains , which is widely used in industries for keeping out the hot air, dust, smoke, noise, harmful fumes, insect out of the place. Further, these PVC sheets save power because as they do not contain electric drive.

Simplicity & Adaptability
These PVC strip doors are very flexible and they can be easily adapted.

Strip Doors & Curtains

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What are they ?
Hung on a rail, overlapping strips act like a wall to insulate two areas tightly. Their flexibility and their movement on the hanging system allow them to be passed through very easily.

Where to use them ?
Transparent strip curtains can be used on any closing-opening system requiring strong insulation (temperature, noise, draught, dusts...) and very easy traffic flow. Very adaptable and re-adaptable, they can be used as windows, pedestrians or vehicles doors and partition walls.

Why use them ?
Strip doors and curtains are the solution.

The most economic
The most efficient
The safest with transparency & flexibility.

Why Use Flexible Pvc Strips ?
Flexible PVC is the only suitable material to use for strip curtains because of its strong thermal and acoustic insulation. Its flexibility and ease of movement allow an effortless passage and the transparent strip gives you clear vision through the opening.

General Properties
  • Supple & flexible
  • Easy to clean
  • Transparent
  • Not toxic (Human & Enviro.)

  • Energy efficient
  • Longevity
  • Cost effective
  • Recyclable

  • Thermal insulator
  • Fast operating
  • Sound reduction
  • Water & air tight

  • Impact and tearing
  • Fire resistant
  • Chemical aggression
  • UV resistant

Specific Properties
The addition of special additives used by EXTRUFLEX compounding department offer specific properties to flexible PVC for specific applications:
  • Cold resistant
  • UV & IR filters
  • Anti-static
  • Transparent or opaque
  • Perfumed
  • Freeze resistant
  • High fire retardant
  • Anti-insect
  • Wide range of colours
  • High UV resistant

Flat or ribbed PVC strips are available.

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