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PVC Rolls

We have with us rich industry experience in successfully handling the demands of PVC Rolls. These are made available by us in glossy finish and are extensively used for meeting the wrapping/outer packaging demands of different edible items. These PVC Rolls are coming with superior chemical resistance properties and are perfect to be used in different weather conditions. Here, our expertise lies in making these available in both standard and ribbed form as well as in different degrees of –
These fine quality PVC Rolls are known for their glossy appearance as well as exceptional quality and are manufactured using Poly Vinyl Chloride that makes these rolls provide an appealing look to substrate after lamination. With products exceeding accepted industry standards in terms of flexibility, clarity and durability, some of the applications these are suitable for include:
Product Details :
Packing TypeRoll
Surface FinishingMatte
Surface TreatmentCoated

Best of American and Europeon technology comes to India

Product Range
Normal grade
200 X 2 mm for doors under 2 mtrs height
200 X 3 mm for 2 / 3 mtrs high doors
400 X 3 mm for doors over 3 mtrs high
200 X 5 mm for high air - pressure areas
Super Cold Store grade
200 X 2 mm can with stand upto - 35 degree C, for ice - cream freezers and hotel cold rooms.
200 X 2 mm Buffer grade
Buffer strips
300 X 3 mm for high abrasion
200 X 2 mm for high abrasion
Welding grade
300 X 2 mm to cover welding areas

Prevent The Entry of Birds in Your Factory

  • Ezeeflex insulating doors comprise of a unique U.V. resistant grade of clear soft P.V.C. in strip form and powder coated CRCA / Stainless steel hardware. Ezeeflex is made of high quality, low toxic, cadmium free PVC. The recommended operating temperature is 5 degee C to + 60 degree C.
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
  • Speciality grades suitable for cold store applications are available and can withstand upto -35 degree C.
  • The concept is simple but highly effective. Strips are hung with a 50% overlap in small interior apertures or factory partitioning. 100% apertures are used for high pressure areas.
  • Sliding door systems for heavy movement areas.
  • Brilliant transparency Does not interfere with natural light.
  • Ezeeflex material has an oxygen index of 23-34% This value represents the percentage of oxygen required to maintain combustion The fact "normal" atmosphere will contain approximately 21% oxygen means that Ezeeflex are self-Extinguishing.
  • A special welding curtain is also available. These grades are generally coloured green with reduction in harmful UV light of 99%.
  • Buffer strips with a number of ridges absorb the initial impact with abrasive vehicle components. These ridges protect the surface area and ensure long term visibility.

  • Standard quality - suitable for temperatures down to around 0 C. The material has softness of BS. 49 and Shore 73 hardness. Cold flex temperature @ - 20 C, cold bend temperature @ - 40 C.
  • We also have a special Super Polar Grade. The material has softness BS. 81 and Shore 57 hardness. Coldflex temperature @ - 58 C, cold bend temperature @ -70 C.

*Special Note
Please note that the 'Coldflex' temperature means the temperature at which the material becomes hard and will not break and the 'cold bend' temperature is the temperature at which the material will break if flexed. These temperature ratings are calculated against British Standards test methods and are conducted under laboratory controlled conditions.

Environmental conditions, amount of traffic and the degree of abrasion will affect the longevity of "PVC Strip" in use, for example, rough pallets and sharp objects will form cuts on the surface and reduce effective life. Ice build up, wind chill effect and relatively high impact will also reduce effective life.

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